Resort Boschmolenplas | vakantiehuizen aan de Maasplassen

Diving location

Diving in the Maasplassen in Limburg

On the edge of Resort Boschmolenplas there is a diving location, where you can discover the wonderful under water world of the Maasplassen, and more specifically the Boschmolenplas.

The Boschmolenplas offers the necessary diving sights. The Maasplassen are former gravel holes; in other words, the paws arose are due to the gain of gravel. The Maasplas is famous among divers in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Throughout the year, people come from far to make a dip in the Boschmolenplas. The Maasplast has a diameter of more than 1 kilometres and is fed with groundwater, which is naturally filtered through the sand and gravel, resulting in a 12 meter view. Below the water level you will find a tantastic plant and animal world. There are also artificial objects placed on the bottom for the divers. Trained divers can dive up to 30 meters (!).


Diving in the Boschmolenplas: discover a sea of life

Under the water surface of the Boschmolenplas there is a sea of ​​life. Over 30 years, the Boschmolenplas has grown into a large source of indigenous flora and fauna. The species observed over the years are perch, pike, pike prickly, sunbathing, steur, eel, mail, carp, blankfork, freshwater calves, lobster. The aquatic plant offer consists of Dense fountain herb, herb fountain herb, herb fennel herb, campfonte herb, herb herb, wreath, big water forest, narrow water fever.

Due to the sealing of the Boschmolenplas from the Meuse, water quality and clarity are good throughout the year. The presence of a number of natural resources contributes to this.

In the Boschmolenplas, the soil is provided with diving sights in various places;
Two wells of more than 20 meters deep, the replica of Santa Maria, an apache helicopter and various small things like an anchor, gun, treasuries and much more.


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