Seniors on vacation at Resort Boschmolenplas

Holiday is a time to enjoy. Nature and culture, good food and drinks, and of course each other. But in a holiday resort that takes into account the needs of seniors on vacation. Experience the rich life with a senior holiday in Resort Boschmolenplas.

At Resort Boschmolenplas it is a great time for seniors. Seniors appreciate the space of the holiday resort, its tranquility and its natural location. You can also choose a holiday home with the bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor. So you can also enjoy a careless holiday if you are less well-off. Resort Boschmolenplas also offers excellent opportunities for a holiday for the elderly with a care need.

Time for the rich life

Resort Boschmolenplas is the ideal location for a senior holiday. But that does not mean that there is nothing to be experienced. On the contrary! On holiday, seniors are often just looking for a balance between active activity and relaxation. Seniors who want to explore the area have a lot to discover. Explore the beautiful surroundings of Resort Boschmolenplas on foot or by bike, for hire at reception. Do you prefer to stay near your holiday home? There you have all the amenities at your fingertips. At the holiday resort there is a marina, a restaurant with terrace, two tennis courts, outdoor fitness equipment and a bowling alley.

In short: the place for a seniors holiday, which includes everything.