Pentecost weekend at Resort Boschmolenplas

Pentecost is the ideal time for a holiday at Resort Boschmolenplas. Spring is in full swing, nature is in bloom and the sun shines over the beautiful landscape. In other words, enjoy the lovely spring sunshine in a natural environment in Limburg.

Why resort Boschmolenplas?

  • Spacious holiday homes
  • At the Maasplassen
  • Escape from the crowds
  • All facilities within reach

Discover the beautiful surroundings 

Relax during a long Pentecost weekend with friends and family at Resort Boschmolenplas. Immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The days are getting longer, the trees are greener and the weather is ideal for cycling, so you can explore the area by bicycle. At our holiday park, the cycling maps are waiting for you. And of course you can easily rent your bike or e-bike from us. There are also beautiful walks to walk to see all the flora and fauna. Walk along the beautiful water or look for the magical forests that lead to the picturesque white town of Thorn.

Unique holiday in Limburg

You can undertake various activities at our resort. Think for example of cycling or walking in beautiful nature reserves, along the waterfront or renting an attractive sloop with which you can sail on the Maas. You do not need a boating license for this. Our harbour master will explain the functioning of our sloops to you properly and precisely. A real experience!

In the nearby villages and towns you can go shopping or enjoy a glass of wine or another drink on the terrace in the spring sunshine. Think for example of beautiful Roermond, with its historic centre and the gigantic designer outlet. But you can also go for art and culture. Various museums, castles and churches make the area absolutely worth a visit. 

Book a long Pentecost weekend to fully enjoy the peace, space and nature of Resort Boschmolenplas and its surroundings.

We wish you a pleasant Pentecost weekend!