The 10 best activities to do with children in the area of Midden-Limburg

There are plenty of activities to do with children in Midden-Limburg. From visiting castles to indoor activities such as bowling. We have made a top ten activities for you.

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#1 All-in Echt

Are you having a nice break at our Resort Boschmolenplas but is there bad weather predicted? Then indoor paradise All-In is perfect for a day.

They offer over 30 activities, so there must be something for everyone! The most popular activities are glow in the dark golf, laser gaming, bowling, karting, escape room and paintball. Would you rather take it a bit calmer? Then All-in also offers workshops. The best workshops are the street dance, line dance, salsa and theater workshop.

If you cannot make a choice, there are also combi activities. They offer the combi laser gaming and karting, paintball and archery and prison escape and karting.

The prices are between 7.50 euros and 30 euros. You can book in advance to make sure there is a spot! 

#2 Avonturenpark Valdeludo in Echt

Avonturenpark Valdeludo is located in Echt and is ideal for a day out with the family.

Children who love to romp, climb, clamber, splash, build huts and much more will soon feel at home here. They offer various attractions such as a challenging high altitude course, outdoor laser gaming, bungee trampoline and a jeep course. In the playground of Valdeludo they also have activities such as a cable car, bouncy castle, carrousel and a climbing pyramid.

Would you like to do an activity with the entire family? Then they also offer a cross bike track, carpentry village and roasting marshmallows together.

You can buy an entrance ticket at the adventure park Valdeludo and play in the park all day long.

#3 Mondo Verde in Landgraaf 

Park Mondo Verde is a true experience for young and old. In the park you will find different themes to make it seem like you are traveling the world in one day. From Italy to Japan on to China, Australia, Morocco back to Spain and Portugal.

Per country Mono Verde has a beautiful garden with landscaping that shows exactly the characteristics and specialties of the country. In addition, there is not only landscapes but also beautiful animals to admire such as alpacas, camels, monkeys and dozens of different birds.

Looking for an adventure? In Mono Verde there are also exciting attractions such as a water slide, roller coaster, cable car and a pirate ship.

To make it all even better; there is all you can eat at every entrance. Pasta, fries, snacks, ice creams and many more.

#4 Toverland in Sevenum

Let yourself be enchanted in Toverland and discover the 6 magical worlds in this amusement park.

Avalon, back in the days of Merlin with a wingcoaster and the waters of Avalon. Ithaka, the Trojan horse with roller coasters such as the wooden roller coaster. Port Laguna, an enchanting harbor town where the sun always shines. Magical valley, adventurous attractions such as the Booster Bike. Wunderwald, Austrian adventures full of water. Land van Toos, fast slides and indoor playgrounds.

During your visit to Toverland you can also enjoy a snack and drink at one of the restaurants. From sweets to fresh sandwiches and pizzas.

Toverland is the ideal amusement park for the entire family.


#5 Dierentuin Gaiazoo in Kerkrade

The zoo in Kerkrade, voted "most beautiful zoo in the Benelux", is definitely a must to visit for a day. In one day you travel the world to admire special and unique animal species.

You will find animals such as monkeys, lions, rhinos, giraffes, birds, reindeers and zebras. But there is still more to discover. Children have the opportunity to play in Europe's largest indoor Dino play park; climbing, sliding and exploring.

The special thing about this zoo is that you will be face to face with the most beautiful animals, and can therefore see them up close. In the Squirrel Monkey Forest, the monkeys even climb through the trees above your head.

#6 The BloteVoetenPad in Brunssum

The largest Barefoot Park in the Benelux challenges you to take off your shoes and socks and experience nature up to your toes. The park challenges, relaxes and lets you experience the forest with all your senses.

What is there to do?

An exciting obstacle course over the pond, water stairs and a free-range pool, a maze and shelters. Would you like to take it easy? This is possible during the cheerful foot games, play circle and mud pools. The Barefoot Path is 4 kilometers long and suitable for anyone without any walking difficulties. Nothing is mandatory and everything is allowed during the route!

In the Barefoot Hut you can enjoy healthy dishes and drinks such as smoothies, sandwiches, soup and tasty sandwiches.

#7 Kasteelpark in Born

The best trip in Limburg 2021 nominated by ANWB is the Kasteelpark in Born.

Kasteelpark Born is an animal park that is located in the former gardens of Castle Born. You can enjoy a lovely walk and at the same time enjoy the animals and nature.

In the Castle Park Born you can view different animal species such as alpacas, rheas, camels, lynxes, monkeys and coati.

In the middle of the park you will find a large playground, which is located next to a terrace. As a parent you can enjoy a snack and drink, while the children can play on the playground equipment, jump on the air trampoline or romp in the sand.

#8 SnowWorld Landgraaf

The longest indoor slope in the Netherlands is SnowWorld in Landgraaf, with 5 indoor ski slopes and 4 restaurants.

You can go skiing or snowboarding for a day or a few hours here. Are you not yet an experienced winter sports enthusiast? Then you can also take lessons here.

In the summer you can enjoy lunch after skiing and have a nice barbecue on the sunny terrace. In the winter months you can enjoy a hot chocolate.

Don´t you like the cold and the snow? Then you can go to the Adventure Valley and experience the most exciting excursion with 25,000 m2 of climbing fun, 1 kilometer of ziplines and a real Alpine Coaster. So something to do for everyone!

#9 The Wildpark in Gangelt

Have you always been curious to know what it is like to live in the wild? That is possible in Wildpark Gangelt! Go on an adventure through the park with moose, wolves, bears and wild cats.

It is even possible to feed the wild predators! That is something you do not experience every day. The park also offers a bird of prey show, a hive where you can see the queen at work and a forest path where you can get to know and learn about different trees, fruits and plants.

The park has a special "children's zoo" with donkeys, goats and chickens where the children can see the animals up close.

The children can also spend their energy in the adventure playground with a climbing tower, cable car and playing equipment. There is also a snack bar on site.

#10 The Efteling in Kaatsheuvel

Perhaps a little further away than the other parks, but this park should certainly not be missing from the list. The Efteling in Kaatsheuvel.

This park is also suitable for all ages and perfect for families. Efteling offers exciting roller coasters such as Joris en de Draak or De Vliegende Hollander, enchanting attractions such as De Droomvlucht and spectacular park shows such as Europe's largest water show.

The little ones can have fun in the carousel or on your lap in one of the many attractions. The whole family can visit the Fairytale Forest or Symbolica Palace. And the real daredevils can go to one of the many roller coasters.

De Efteling has 16 restaurants where you as a family can enjoy lunch or dinner.

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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 What is a good accommodation to stay in with children in Limburg?

At Resort Boschmolenplas you can enjoy and relax with the whole family. There is plenty to do for the children, such as a playground and various sports activities.

🤸 What activities can i do in Limburg with children?

In Limburg you can do many different activities, for example you can go to an amusement park for a day, do indoor activities at All-In Echt, visit an animal park or discover the surroundings of the Maasplassen.

🛎️ Where can i find more information about Limburg?

Please contact the reception. We are happy to answer your questions about your stay at the Boschmolenplas resort or about any activities.