Resort Boschmolenplas | vakantiehuizen aan de Maasplassen



The village Heel is located next to our resort Boschmolenplas and is easy to reach just by a 20 minute walk. The initial Medieval St. Stephanus church rises above the village Heel. For daily groceries there is a Jumbo Supermarket located which offers an extensive assortment of products. In Heel there are also several cosy terraces. For instance at Café De Tram, ’T Stuupke, Oppe Linj, Heere van Heel and at cafeteria Harry.

Restaurant Boschmolenplas is directly located next to the resort and in the centre of Heel you could find the restaurant Heere van Heel and the Chinese restaurant Kam Hoo, as well as two snack counters and a coffee- and ice cream shop.

A short walking-tour or cycling-tour is a nice activity to do in the surroundings of Heel. Especially the setting coming after the centre of Heel and which spreads in the direction of the Maas and Pol are really worth it. There also is a walking-tour and cycling-tour starting from Boschmolenplas which leads you along the Lange Vlieter. Please contact the reception for more possibilities.


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