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Thorn is a very special village which is definitely worth visiting. The village is known for its white painted houses since 1794. In this year a tax was introduced, where the amount was depending on the size of the windows of the houses of the citizens. Due to this the citizens all sealed their windows and to hide this sealing, they all painted their houses white. The old part of Thorn is a protected townscape and very popular to visit among tourists. There are beautiful narrow streets, an abbey church and a museum and can be discovered, for example with a guided tour in the summer. Also there are many terraces and restaurants very close by. The most popular restaurants are located in the Hoogstraat in Thorn, opposite of the church. 

With Thorn as a starting point there is a wide range of possibilities in tours or roundtrips by boat. For the advanced hikers or for cyclists: a roundtrip Heel, Wessem, Thorn and back to Heel is definitely recommended.


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