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Venlo is a city in Limburg, but possessing the characteristics of the province Noord-Brabant. They namely have a special dialect what is even been spoken across the border in Germany. Eventhough Venlo still counts 93 governmental monuments, also a big part of the city is ruined due to World War II. That is why Venlo also has a lot of modern buildings and shops.

 Almost every Sunday the shops are open in Venlo and many German people will cross the border to enjoy their Sunday by shopping. Eye-catching is de Maasboulevard with big shops and terraces on the shores of de Maas. The town hall is beautiful and the terraces in front of it are a great spot to relax and watch all the people strolling by. The museum of Limburg is basically focused on children, also because of the regularly changing themes of the activities in the museum. Venlo could be reached within 30 minutes by train with Roermond as departure point. When travelling by car from Boschmolenplas it will take you 35 minutes to reach Venlo.

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