As soon as you arrive at Resort Boschmolenplas you will be impressed by the fantastic location on the Boschmolenplas Lake, the beautiful natural surroundings of the extensive Maasplassen area and the spacious layout of our holiday resort in the middle of Limburg.

From your spacious, comfortably furnished holiday home or luxury villa you can spend hours and effortlessly leave the everyday hustle and bustle behind you. Whether you like walking and cycling in the area or making trips.

At Resort Boschmolenplas you can enjoy it every day!

A Unique Concept In A Special Setting!

Limburg Hospitality
An authentic holiday resort where guests enjoy the rich Limburg life.

Our vision for a unique holiday experience in Limburg

Resort Boschmolenplas is a special, authentic recreation and holiday destination where mainly medior and senior guests feel welcome in a wellbeing experience in a comfortable recreation house or luxury villa, and in peace and privacy. Where guests enjoy a facility offering a vital lifestyle. And the surrounding natural areas, the watery area and a cultural-recreational versatile environment contribute to the feeling of a rich Limburg life.

Resort Boschmolenplas is not an ordinary holiday park. Resort Boschmolenplas wishes to distinguish itself from the mass and chain parks by presenting and profiling as a niche recreation and holiday destination for specific target groups who feel welcome and comfortable in a wellbeing ambiance that brings out and experience Resort Boschmolenplas.

With its spacious layout, a rustic and authentic atmosphere, uniformity in appearance, a quality and well-maintained greenhouse and housing offer, a safe living environment, an atmosphere of respect for each other and attention to a vital lifestyle are the internal distinctive factors. In addition to the external distinctive factors of the immediate environment:

The Maasplassen, the surrounding nature areas, the authentic Limburg villages and the neighboring shopping and shopping centers.

Here you will recreate without worry. You will enjoy it!