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Art and culture

Art and culture is widely represented in central Limburg and includes many facets. Various museums, such as the Maasbauer Museum in Maasbracht, the Cuypershuis in Roermond and the ECI Culture Factory in Roermond sign the diverse cultural offerings of central Limburg. Historically, the region is rich in castles and churches. Special museums in the immediate vicinity of Maaspark Boschmolenplas are the Cuypershuis in Roermond, the ECI Cultuurfabriek in Roermond and the Maas Binnenvaartmuseum in Maasbracht

Castle Horn

For a visit to one of the best preserved medieval castles in the Netherlands

Castle Montfort

For a visit to the castle from 1260 and the ruin with visitor center

Castle Aerwinkel

For visiting the special estate of 1854. Not only the castle is interesting from a cultural historical point of view but it also has a very special park.

Castle Daelenbroek in Herkenbosch, Kasteelhoeve Grote Heggen in Thorn and Hattem Castle in Roermond are used as a restaurant / party center.


Basilica of Saint Wirol in St. Odillienberg, Carolus Chapel in Roermond, The Abbey Church in Thorn, H. Dionysius Church in Asselt, The Holy Spirit Church in Roermond, The Sacred Heart Church in Roermond, Chapel under the Linden in Thorn, Minderbroeder church in Roermond, OLV chapel in 't Zand in Roermond, OLV Munsterkerk in Roermond, Protestant church and parish church in Stevensweert, St. Christopher cathedral in Roermond, St. Lambert church in Reuver, Synagogue in Roermond, Ursulakapel in Roermond.

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