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Nature areas

Nature areas

The surrounding area of Resort Boschmolenplas is known for its vast heathland, beautiful forests and numerous water parks. Start your exploration through the nature of central Limburg, and discover the vast nature areas. Everywhere in our park and in the immediate vicinity, you will be familiar with the river Meuse and its floodplains. In the immediate vicinity of Resort Boschmolenplas you will find two attractive national parks, known as the Meinweg National Park and the unique National Park de Groote Peel. Both are easy to visit from our holiday park. Resort Boschmolenplas is the central point of departure for your visit to these national parks and the many other nature areas in Limburg, including the attractive nature area of Leudal, also known as the Limburg garden. We wish you a pleasant holiday in the beautiful and unique natural landscape of central Limburg on the banks of the Meuse!

Nature Areas and National Parks

National Park de Meinweg

This beautiful nature reserve near Roermond covers 1600 ha and forms the border with Germany with countless cycling and hiking routes and horse riding trails. Because nature is untouched, you will find a unique flora and fauna. Wild boar, reed, beavers and stems live in their natural surroundings, along with countless singing water birds and birds of prey. In spring and summer there is a great opportunity to admire flowers and plants, including some rare species in the Netherlands.

National Park De Groote Peel

National Park De Groote Peel is located on the border of the provinces Limburg and North Brabant, not far away from Maaspark Boschmolenplas. If you walk through the Groote Peel over the set footpaths, you will see the churchtowers of some villages above the highland area. The area is 1500 hectares and you will not see or hear any motorway. You will find the total rest here. The Groote Peel is one of the few pieces left over of the inevitable highveld that once formed the boundary between Brabant and Limburg. The nature reserve is world famous for the many bird species flying around here. The former inhospitable and marshy area is now being crossed by attractive hiking trails of different lengths through the wide and watery landscape. In many places you will find the traces of the early peat ticks that pour out here 'Peel's Gold'.

The Leudal Nature Reserve

The area northeast of Resort Boschmolenplas is called Leudal, also known as Limburg's garden. On your trips through this 900 hectare nature reserve, you will cross several mills and castles, making it an alternate area for walking and cycling.


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