Are you a water lover? Then you are at Resort Boschmolenplas in your element! The holiday resort is located in the heart of central Limburg's Maasplassen. This unique water area originated by the gravel harvest in the last century, creating the largest contiguous water sports area in the Netherlands. The Maasplassen at Roermond comprise more than 3,000 hectares of large and small plants that connect with the Meuse. Together they form a lively decor for water sports and recreation.

The place for water sports in Limburg

You will be amazed how much water sports Limburg offers to you. For example, you can rent a boat for a relaxing cruise on the holiday resort, where you can enjoy nature from the water and spend evenings in one of the many harbors for a drink and a snack. Or you can endlessly sail across the extensive waters and enjoy the Maasplassen at Roermond in a sporty way. Perhaps you want to spend a day relaxing? Then you can fish at the Boschmolenplas directly at your house. At the reception we provide the necessary fishing license. And for the true sports enthusiasts there is a diving school on the edge of Resort Boschmolenplas. Here you can take diving classes under the guidance of professional instructors and hire the necessary equipment. The Boschmolenplas offers surprising underwater sights for divers. For more information about the possibilities for water sports at and near Resort Boschmolenplas, please contact our reception. We are happy to help you!

Recommended by Resort Boschmolenplas

Marina Boschmolenplas

Marina Boschmolenplas has about 100 berths whose scaffolding is suitable for boats up to 20 meters. There are some berths for even longer boats. The berths are equipped with individual electrical connections and drinking water connections on the scaffold. There are also beautiful moorings for smaller boats from 6 meters. If you want to take your ship, please contact our reception.

Sloop rental Boschmolenplas

Have a day out and enjoy Central Limburg at its most beautiful. For boat hire at Boschmolenplas you are at the right place. The breezes are equipped with a luxurious pillow case, bumpers, life jackets, ropes, a windscreen hood, and a powerful yet quiet engine. This is an ideal boat trip to explore Limburg's Maasplassen while enjoying the peaceful surroundings. You do not need a shipping license. You can rent your boat by our reception.

Sailcenter Limburg

For rent of a sailboat, powerboat, sloop, canoe. Also for groups and courses. If you want to rent a sailboat, please contact our reception.

Boots Boating

For the hire of a luxury yacht with crew, this is also possible through our reception.


For the hire of a luxury speedboat with crew, please contact our reception.

Aqua Libra Yachtcharter

For rent of a Linssen Yacht.

Linssen Yachts

For the purchase of a Linssen Yacht.

Shipowner Cascade

For a cruise on the Maasplassen from Thorn, Stevensweert, Roermond and Maasbracht. We will arrange this for you. Tickets can be obtained at our reception.