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Wandelen rondom de Boschmolenplas



Walking in Limburg is a beautiful and relaxing way to get acquainted with the varied nature of this province. On your walk in the vicinity of Resort Boschmolenplas you can walk through brook valleys and vast forests, along the Maasoevers, heathlands and the lively Maasplassen. 

Walking in Limburg is not only enjoying the nature. You can also stroll through ancient towns and villages and get acquainted with the cultural wealth of the region. Everywhere in the landscape you will find churches, chapels and water mills, and sample Limburgian specialties during a gastronomic stop on the way.

Hiking in Limburg: discovery tour in a beautiful area

The most beautiful walks in Limburg are set as a hiking trail. Following the signposting of your favorite hiking route, you will find the most idyllic and beautiful spots in the region. The various routes are connected by hubs, so you can make easily beautiful walks through Limburg.

Hiking trails around our resort:

Along the crossings and chapels to Thorn (14.2 km)

From Resort Boschmolenplas you walk through the nature reserve Leerke and along the impressive Panheel locking complex. Afterwards, the scenery changes into a fairy-tale scene of winding country roads with old farms, many chapels and a picnic bench here and there where you can enjoy all of this. A short while later you will walk into the picturesque white town of Thorn, famous for its historic village center with whitewashed houses. From Thorn you will return to Resort Boschmolenplas.

Long Vlieter and Beegderheide (10 km)

You leave from Resort Boschmolenplas and walk to the Long Vlieter. You walk along the bank to the other side of the Long Vlieter. There you leave the water side behind you and you walk in the forest of the Beegderheide. From the Beegderheide you will return to Resort Boschmolenplas. A wonderful walk to show you how diverse and beautiful nature is in Central Limburg.


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