Resort Boschmolenplas | vakantiehuizen aan de Maasplassen

Water sports

Water sports at Resort Boschmolenplas

At Resort Boschmolenplas there are various water sports for every age! You don't have to travel far for these water sports, because they are all located on the resort. 

Book your holiday home on the waterfront, next to the marina or even a VIP Wellness villa for even more relaxation.


At Boat rental Boschmolenplas it is possible to rent a boat. These boats are easy to drive and a license is not required. Would you prefer to bring your own boat? This is also possible. You can moor your boat in the marina at the resort.
The boat trip can be very well combined with a cycling or walking route. Perfect for a sailing day on the Boschmolenplas with the whole family!


Even diving is a possibility at Resort Boschmolenplas! There is a diving school on Resort Boschmolenplas. Here you can take diving lessons under professional supervision. It is also possible to rent equipment at the diving school. Beginning divers can take an introductory dive. Trained divers can dive up to 30 metres deep. 


Anglers are also very welcome at the Boschmolenplas resort. The Boschmolenplas is located next to the resort and is a very suitable place to go fishing, because of its deep and shallow areas and the many species of fish that swim in the Boschmolenplas. In some cases it is possible to fish from the house, please contact the reception first.

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